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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research launched the project "MINHATY" to allow students to have a credit card to withdraw their grants from automatic teller machines (ATMS) of the Treasury or form ABMs of branches of Barid Al Maghrib. The Ministry is committed, under this agreement, to create "MINHATY" cards and make them operational as from a date it fixes.
The benefits of this program are undeniable:Total or partial withdrawal of the award by telephone recharge cards on ATMs; Purchases via the use of cards or on the Internet; The possibility to supplying money for card payment by transfer from a check account.
Apart from charging, other operations are totally free. Other benefits are: The Simplification of procedures, The Reduction of costs of Management by the Ministry of Education, or those of the Treasury and Al Barid Bank.

Grants awards for undergraduate programs:

To receive a scholarship to studies in the university’s undergraduate program in Morocco, one must fill a special form duly available in bookstores in the kingdom, and submit it as designated below:

  • For full time Baccalaureate program students, in their respective schools, (see deadlines posted in the school);

  • For part-time Baccalaureate applicants and foreigners, at the delegations of the Ministry of National Education (see deadlines posted in the delegation).

The decision is taken by a committee before the school year begins (see the dates at the wilaya or province).
Applicants will be informed in writing of the decision and will have the opportunity to challenge the results.

The committee is composed of:

  • The Wali of the region or province,

  • The Delegates of the Ministry of National Education,

  • The Ministry of Finance Representative,

  • The Representatives of the Association of Students’ Parents.

Science And Technology National Research Center Grants (STNRC)

The STNRC acting on behalf of the Ministry of National and Higher Education, Professional Training and Scientific Research, has been launching an annual call for application for the allocation of research grants since 2004.

This fellowship is a merit scholarship destined to encourage the most deserving students who hold a Master or a DESA degrees, and who are preparing a Doctoral Dissertation. The scholarship is equivalent of 2300 dh and covers three years (36 months) of doctoral preparation.

Scientific Council Grant المجلس العلمي :

Since 2009, the Scientific Council has been making an annual call for application for the allocation of research grants to students with a Master degree, obtained from one of the various institutions of the MIU. Eligibility is conditional of two criteria: a higher score (mention) equivalent to 60%, and destitute economic situation of the family of the applicant.

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Conferences and Events

Water management and environment protection are important factors for Sustainable development. They have also become focal themes of debates be they scientific, political, economic and social. The First International Forum on Water and Environment Studies aims at bringing forth the importance and the stakes of both in addition to suggesting solutions for problems met in the domain.

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The Faculty of Law and Economics is organizing a Conference on the following theme: “The Maghreb and Transnational Threats”, for further details see the Link.



2. Sultan MulaySlimane University and the University Network (RUNET) is organizing a Spring Programme (Université de Printemps) on the Energetic Efficacy (UP2E) for the Moroccan Doctoral Students from 11 through 15 of April 2016.



The Industrial and Technological Engineering Platform (ENSA, Oujda) is organizing an International Conference on: Innovating Materials and their Applications. The Conference will be held from 21st April to 22nd.


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